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Container Storage Advice to ensure better long term storage results

Theses are just a few suggestions that we would like to impart to you about better container storage practice.

  1. Never store vulnerable items in non-insulated environments such as shipping containers. You may save in the short-term but a few weeks of condensation will ruin electrical goods and fabrics.
  2. Never store items against the walls of the storage unit. Furniture needs airflow – the storage unit might be dry but your items may contain moisture.
  3. Always store mattresses upright. For the heavy bendy variety create a space between the wall and larger items of furniture to prop them up. Cover mattresses in a blanket and not in a polyethylene sheet / bag – this will enable your mattress to breathe.
  4. Stack your items like the Egyptians built their pyramids – large strong bulky items at the bottom with lighter more fragile items on the top.Always protect furniture surfaces when stacking items on top of them. Cardboard sheeting and blankets are ideal
  5. If you drop a blanket shake it out thoroughly before placing it on the surface of a piece of furniture as the tiniest grain of sand or grit can scratch
  6. Always store fragile objects in boxes and cupboards. Furniture can move when settling there is a chance items could get damaged by falling furnitureIf you are storing a sofa on end make sure the frame is supporting it and not the arm as this will damage the fabric around the arm.
  7. Make sure that sofas are not being compressed in any way by other items as this could also cause damage. Only store light items within or on top of the sofa.
  8. Save space by filling cupboards and voids such as space beneath tables with furniture and other items.Make sure heavy items like boxes of books are stored on or close to ground levelNever leave your unit open unattended.

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Self Storage is an American concept, now well established in major cities throughout the UK. It is designed to bring economical, long and short term secure storage options to a wide range of users.